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Historical fiction at its finest!
By S. Breheny on February 10, 2016
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This is the kind of writing I absoluting LOVE! The writing flows so smoothly making it easy to "get lost" in the story immediately. The wording and phrases are accurate for the time period and locale. I especially appreciate all the descriptive passages so I can visualize clearly what each character is doing and might be feeling. It is apparent that Rita has done abundant research on many subjects combining all those elements to create a vivid portrait of real life in 1800's Tennessee.

Thank you, Rita, for your labor of love!

A Twist of Tobacco

Why leaving a review is important....

I really like your book! Tears were running down my face yesterday when I was reading it! I am not even half way through! I received this message today on a completely unrelated thread. Authors depend on reviews to generate sales but also to keep us motivated. We need to know that people are reading and getting our message, what ever it might be. Notes like that really make my day.

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Tennessee Confederate Veterans Home and Cemetery

In our research quest for A Twist of Tobacco, my husband and I visited the Tennessee Confederate Soldiers Home Cemetery located in Hermitage Tennessee. The home and subsequent cemetery was built on the grounds of Andrew Jackson's plantation The Hermitage. Built in 1892 the home closed in 1933. Residents of the home are buried in the Confederate Cemetery. My great uncle Cahal Knox Polk Ownby was a resident there and was buried in 1918. There is a large monument and the soldiers are buried with a simple stone engraved with their regiments. The graves were placed in an outward spiral. the nearest stones were the first and the farthest stones were the last. The last confederate veteran resident died in 1941.