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Civil War Questionaire

I met with a distant cousin yesterday who had some interesting information for me.  (Incidentally I had a couple of surprises for me.) 

First but not least in the info was a transcription of The Tennessee Civil War Veterans Questionnaire, Confederate Soldiers compiled by Gustaus W. Dyer and John Trotwood.  They sent the questionnaire to both Confederate and Union soldier and compiled the study around 1920.

I found the questions condescending and the answers very enlightening. (misspellings are as originally written)

These excerpt were from the form filled out by Samuel Mortimer Ownby, Woodbury, TN.

State your full name.  Samuel Mortimore Ownby.
State your age.  76
In what state and county were you born.?  Tenn. Marshall Co
Were you confederate or federal soldier? Confederate
Name of your company: Company I Reg 14 nixon's Cavlary
What was the occupation of your father? Farming
Give full name of your father.  Ely Craeg Ownby
Maiden name in full of your mother. Nancy Winstead  she was daughter …

Dressing Miss Molly

I received the sweetest letter yesterday from the kids at the Parkside Baptist Churches summer camp program.
I had presented a program on antebellum dress during their lunch period.  They were engaged and curious and we had so much fun as I stood there in 14 layers of clothing while they were all wearing shorts and t-shirts  LOL

Even the boys enjoyed the program.  One youngster texted his mother and said, "We're watching a lady take her clothes off."  
As Art Linkletter said "Kids say the darnedest things!"