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Guy M Ownby Modern Millwright

Guy Malcolm Ownby March 2, 1925- April 25, 1980 Find a Grave Memorial
The Carpenter by John Conlee

Born the 7th of 8 children and raised in rural North Texas, Guy rode his horse, Lady 10 miles each way to see the young girl he would marry as soon as she finished High School.  He joined the Merchant Marine right out of High School and served for a year after they married.  He served aboard the SS Garnet, SS Gold Creek, SS Cape Nunn, SS Tule Canyon, SS Boulder Victory and SS Lindenwood.
When he left the Merchant Marine (when they discovered that I was on the way) he tried his had at farming.  Realizing that the rural life wasn't for him, he moved his young family to the city and went to work for Mrs Tuckers Shortening. 
His first love was always carpentry and after 12 years in the shortening plant, he decided to be his own boss and opened Ownby's Cabinet Shop which he worked until his health wouldn't allow.
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Ownby Reunion 1927

Dateline, Sherman Democrat, October 5, 1927............
On September 25, 1927, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Taylor, four generations of Ownbys, numbering over 100, gathered for a family reunion, honoring Sam M. Ownby of Woodbury, Tennessee.  It had been 54 years since the brothers and sisters had been together.
The Ownby family of eleven were all born in Tennessee prior to the Civil War.  The three oldest boys served in the Confederate Army.  Most of the family came to Texas in the 1870's and early 1880's.
The reunion dinner was served on the lawn.  A 42 foot long table had been constructed for the occasion.  The honor guests were seated according to age: *(deceased siblings in italic) Mary Smith Ownby Brown Watterson Knox Polk Ownby - 85 - Whitewright, Texas Edward Dallas Ownby Samuel Mortimer Ownby - 81 - Woodbury, Tennessee Anderson J Ownby (Andrew Jackson) Ownby - 79 - Savoy, Texas Elizabeth Nancy Ownby Taylor - 77 - Pilot Grove, Texas Eli Craig Ownby, Jr - 74 - Chil…

March 1836 THE ALAMO

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