Guy M Ownby Modern Millwright

Guy Malcolm Ownby
March 2, 1925- April 25, 1980

Born the 7th of 8 children and raised in rural North Texas, Guy rode his horse, Lady 10 miles each way to see the young girl he would marry as soon as she finished High School.  He joined the Merchant Marine right out of High School and served for a year after they married.  He served aboard the SS Garnet, SS Gold Creek, SS Cape Nunn, SS Tule Canyon, SS Boulder Victory and SS Lindenwood.

When he left the Merchant Marine (when they discovered that I was on the way) he tried his had at farming.  Realizing that the rural life wasn't for him, he moved his young family to the city and went to work for Mrs Tuckers Shortening. 

His first love was always carpentry and after 12 years in the shortening plant, he decided to be his own boss and opened Ownby's Cabinet Shop which he worked until his health wouldn't allow.

When the following indenture for Guy's g-g-g-great grandfather, Thomas was found, everyone understood his natural talent and desire to work with wood.  YES, talents are inherited.

MILLWRIGHT CONTRACT OF INDENTURE: (transcribed as written, errors included)

"This indenture made the nineteenth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and forty-four/five between Thomas Ownbey and the Parish of St Ann County of Essex of the one part and Caleb Lindsey, millwright and carpenter, of the Parish of St Maries and County of Caroline of the other part. 

Witnessed the said Thomas Ownbey doth bind and put himself as an apprentice to the said Caleb Lindsey to larn the art of mastery of a millwright of carpenter which trades the said Lindsey now followth and after the manner of an apprentice to serve said Lindsey until he shall attain to the age of twenty-one years all which time the said apprentice his said master faithfully shall serve his secrets, keep his lawful commands, in everything obey. 

He shall do no damage to his said master or see it done by others without giving notice thereof to his said master. 
He shall not wast his master's good nor lend them to any; he shall not committ fornication nor contract matrimony during his servitude. 
He shall not play at cards or dice or any other unlawful games whereby his said master may be damaged in his good or the good of another. 
He shal not absent himself from his said master's service without his leaves, but in all things behave himself as a true and faithful apprentice during his time of servitude. 

In consideration whereof the said Caleb Lindsey doth covenant and agree to and with the said Thomas Ownbey thet he the said Caleb Lindsey will use the utmost of his endeavors to teach or case to be taught in his said employments and to find the said apprentice sufficient meat, drink, apperil, washing, lodging durin his servitude.  Also at the expiration of the servitude of said apprentice one new suit of cloaths either of druget or german serge and as many tools as will build a tubb mill and to teach the said apprentice to read and write to the true performance of all and singular the covenants and agreements above specified

the said parties mutually bind themselves either to other in the sum of twenty pounds sterling money by these presents. 

In witness whereof both parties to these presents have interchangeably sett their hands and seals the day and year first above written.
               Signed:  Caleb Lindsey

at a court held for Essex County at Tapp on the 19th day of March anno Domini 1744.  This indenture was executed in court by the parties with the appropation fo the Justices thereof and is truly recorded."


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