Ownby Reunion 1927

Dateline, Sherman Democrat, October 5, 1927............

On September 25, 1927, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Taylor, four generations of Ownbys, numbering over 100, gathered for a family reunion, honoring Sam M. Ownby of Woodbury, Tennessee.  It had been 54 years since the brothers and sisters had been together.

The Ownby family of eleven were all born in Tennessee prior to the Civil War.  The three oldest boys served in the Confederate Army.  Most of the family came to Texas in the 1870's and early 1880's.

The reunion dinner was served on the lawn.  A 42 foot long table had been constructed for the occasion.  The honor guests were seated according to age: *(deceased siblings in italic)
Mary Smith Ownby Brown
Watterson Knox Polk Ownby - 85 - Whitewright, Texas
Edward Dallas Ownby
Samuel Mortimer Ownby - 81 - Woodbury, Tennessee
Anderson J Ownby (Andrew Jackson) Ownby - 79 - Savoy, Texas
Elizabeth Nancy Ownby Taylor - 77 - Pilot Grove, Texas
Eli Craig Ownby, Jr - 74 - Chillicothe, Texas
Miss Queen Ann Matilda Ownby - 72 - Gainesville, Texas
Margaret Emily Ownby Spangler
Reverend Sterling Green McAlister Ownby - 70 - Detroit, Texas
Henry McGrew Ownby

After dinner, pictures were taken, hymns were sung, and talks were made by Watt P Ownby, Sam M Ownby, Rev. "Mac" Ownby, J. M. Spangler of Trenton, Texas, L. C. Hampton of Whitewright, Texas and Rev. M. C. Scoter of Anna, Texas.

All eleven of the Ownby families were represented except two -- those being the late Mrs. Mary Smith Ownby Brown and the late Mrs. Margaret Emily (Maggie) Ownby Spangler.

Those present at the reunion were: *(2nd & 3rd generation in italics with parent name)
Sam M. Ownby, Woodbury, Tenn.
Mrs. R. C. Curlee, Hillsboro, Tex. (S. M. Ownby)
Mr. & Mrs. A. G. Tenpenny and sons, Fisher and Speer, Dallas, Tex. (S. M. Ownby)
Mr. & Mrs. Eli Craig Ownby, Jr., Chillicothe, Tex.
Mr. & Mrs. Reginald Stevens, Chillicothe, Tex. (grandson of E. C. Ownby, Jr.)
Mrs. Henry M. Ownby, Gainesville, Texas.
Mr. & Mrs. Leo Ownby and two sons, Gainesville, Tex. (Henry M. Ownby)
Mr. & Mrs. Oscar C. Cotton and 5 children, Valley View, Tex. (Henry M. Ownby)
N. C. Ownby, Valley View, Tex. (Henry M. Ownby)
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Carter, Valley View, Tex.
Mrs. Joe Anderson and daughters, Floreen and Joetta, Sherman, Tex.(Andrew J. Ownby)
Mrs. J. C. Henderson, Sherman, Tex.
Mr. & Mrs. H. H. Keller & son, Sherman, Tex. (grandaughter of W. K. P. Ownby)
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Ownby, Savoy, Tex.
Miss Anna Lee Ownby, Savoy, Tex .(Andrew J. Ownby)
Rev. & Mrs. Sterling McAlister Ownby, Detroit, Tex.
Miss Reba Ownby, Detroit, Tex. (Sterling M. Ownby)
Arch Scott, Detroit, Tex.
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Gentry, Greenville, Tex. (Edward D. Ownby)
Andrew Ownby, Greenville, Tex. (Edward D. Ownby)
James Brit Ownby, Wolfe City, Tex. (Edward D. Ownby)
Miss Dell Ownby, Wolfe City, Tex (Edward D. Ownby)
Watt K. P. Ownby, Whitewright, Tex.
Mr. & Mrs. J. P. Ownby and 7 children, Whitewright, Tex (W. K. P. Ownby)
Mrs. W. D. Ownby, Whitewright, Tex
Mr. & Mrs. L. C. Hampton, Whitewright, Tex.
John Turner, Kentuckytown, Tex.
Miss Eunice Turner, Kentuckytown, Tex.
Rev. & Mrs. Scoter, Anna, Tex.
Mrs. K. D. Neathery and daughter Lillian, Desert, Tex.
Mr. & Mrs. Forrest Doggett and 3 children, Van Alstyne, Tex.(grandaughter of Elizabeth. N. Taylor)
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Taylor, Van Alstyne, Tex .(grandson of Elizabeth. N. Taylor)
A. C. Ownby and 2 sons, Van Alstyne, Tex (W. K. P. Ownby)
Mrs. D. Biggerstaff, Whitewright, Tex.
Mr. & Mrs. Earl Benson and 3 daughters, Pilot Grove, Tex. (Elizabeth N. Ownby)
Mr. & Mrs. J. L. Taylor, Pilot Grove, Tex.
Miss Callie Taylor, Pilot Grove, Tex. (Elizabeth N. Ownby)
Mrs. S. F. Garland, Pilot Grove, Tex.
S. G. Ashinhurst, Pilot Grove, Tex.
Mrs. A. H. St John, Pilot Grove, Tex.
Mrs. S. T. McSpadden, Pilot Grove, Tex.
Mr. & Mrs. A. B. Barnes, Pilot Grove, Tex.
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Binion, Pilot Grove, Tex.
R. E. L. Binion, Pilot Grove, Tex.
Miss Sarah Binion, Pilot Grove, Tex.
Miss Anna Binion, Pilot Grove, Tex.
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Taylor, Pilot Grove, Tex. (grandson of Elizabeth N. Ownby)
Mr. & Mrs. D. M. Taylor and children, Pilot Grove, Tex (Elizabeth N. Ownby)


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