John Oneby Memorial St Mary's Church Hinkley, Leicester, UK

This very fine seventeenth century monument on the north side of the chancel, could easily be missed on a visit to St. Mary's. As you look Eastwards it is hidden from view by the organ case. It commemorates John Oneby (pronounced ‘owner – bee') who died in 1662, his wife Emmett and their five children, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Emmett, Mary and John. (The married girls are on the left, the unmarried on the right!)

They lived at the Priory House, just below the church. Below this monument is a brass dated MDCCLXXXVI (1786). The inscription is in Latin and records the names of those who contributed towards the cost of restoring the monument above, including the two daughters of Nichols the historian and Robert Oneby, a descendant. 

The people in the monument are John Oneby Esquire (1585-1660) and his wife Emmet Byard (daughter of Humphrey Byard) and from left to right are his daughters;
 Elizabeth, who married Benjamin King;
 Dorothy who married Ezekiel Wrighte;
Sir John Oneby, 1636-1676. (known as John Onebye of Hinckley) who married twice, 1st to Mabell Ashby; 2nd to Dame Mercie Dudson;
Emmet who married Dr Richard Mason;
Mary who married Thomas Staveley.

At the time the monument was constructed the two younger daughters were still unmarried (their hair is uncovered as befitting a maiden.) 

In an ancient writing John Oneby characterized his daughters:

My pious daughter Bess (Elizabeth)

My politic daughter Doll (Dorothy)

My pious daughter Pem (Emmet)

My flattering daughter Moll (Mary) 

Oneby derived from Ondeby and changed through the centuries to Onby, Onbi, Ownby, Owenby, Ownbey as well as Owensby.  


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