Will of Edward B "Neddy" Ownby 1792-1865

Image is an oil painting of the original log cabin built in the early 1800's in Marshall County, Tennessee, the black and white photo was taken in the early 1900's and the landscape is as the property appears today.  

The original was a large log room with stairs that led to a room above the same size.  The logs were cedar- the floors were ash.  The front door had panel forming a cross to keep out witches.  There was a crude cross carved on the side for the same reason.

In the early 1800's John A Murrel was a well known robber, pirate who followed the Natchez Trace and region about.  One of his gang is said to have lived in this house. Bands of men would appear.  The wife of the one who lived here would prepare food, then she would be banished up stairs and the door locked.  There was said to be blood on the wall from some one killed there.

A strange thing was a door in the back of the up stairs room which opened to a second set of steps.

Someone added two rooms separated by an open hall or dog trot.  Behind two more were built behind and a kitchen of log sat east of the house separated by a space.  A Big Fireplace was at the east end.

Neddy sold this property prior to the Civil War and moved to Carroll Co., TN.

" Know all men by these presents that I Edward B Ownby of Carroll County Tennessee being of sound mind and disposing memory do make and publish this my last will and testament thereby revolking & making void all wills heretofore made by me.

First   it is my desire that my wife Martha Ownby act as Executrix to this will and that she pay all my just debts and general expenses as soon after my death as may be convienient.

Second  It is my desire that my wife, Martha Ownby have all effects both real and personal that I may die seized or possess of after paying debts &c to use and exercise the control of it same until my son Joseph E Ownby arrives at the age of twenty five years until which time my said wife, Martha is to provide for my daughter, Tebitha a comformatble and ample support, all of the means bequeathed to said Martha and after my son Joseph E arrives at the age of twenty five years, he is to succeed his mother and become sole proprietor of my estate and after which time he is to provide for his mother and Sister Tobitha a reasonable and comfortable support during their lives.

Third  It is my desire that my son William receive from my Executris one hundred dollars as his interest in my estate.

Fourth  It is my will and desire that my son Cahal K Polk Ownby have the tract of land I purchased of R D Ownby and a sufficiency of the tract purchased of David Jenkins & wife to make him one hundred acres lying in the 10th Civil district of Carroll County provided he survives the war and returns to possess but in case of his death before he receives it to possession it is to follow the disposition made of the ballance of my Estate.

Fifthly  It is my will and desire that my Executrix as soon as conveinient after my death hand over to Cintha Mitchell & her husband Richard Mitchell, Matilda Perry wife of Ruffin Perry, Susan Brachum wife of Levi Brachum, Harriet L wife of Green Gibson & and to my sons Eli C and Jeremiah J Ownby, the notes I severally hold on them for monies loaned or advanced them by me & said notes are hereby declared canceled as to all persons save & except my self.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal publish and declare this to be my last will and testament in the presence of the witnesses named below  This the 18th day of May 1864.

Edward B Ownby
X his mark

Signed or acknowledged in presence of the undersigned in the presence of each other

Y W Allen

A C McNeill "


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