Phillip Penn Revolutionary War Patriot

Phillip Penn was born in 1739 to George Penn and Anne Fleming.  His grandparents were John Penn and Lucy Granville.  Phillip was a first cousin to John Penn (Signer of the Declaration of Independence.)

Phillip married married Martha Crutcher in 1762 in Caroline Co. Virginia.  He served in the Amherst Co. Virginia Militia under Captain William Tucker.

They had 11 children including Nancy Penn who married David Taylor.

In 1990 his will was found in a Clerk's Office in box of unrecorded & loose papers; Bassett Patrick Co. VA Library;
Probate: Will dated 29 Nov 1802 proved July 1806; copy from Bassett Library.

The Will of Philip Penn says:

First my desire and wish is that all my just debts should be paid.

Secondly I bequeath and give to my Sons George, Wilson, & Gabriel, each one Schilling, also to my Daughters Fanny Flulcher, Lucy Hanna, Milly Ross, Scintha Sneed, & Nancy Taylor (wife of David Taylor), each one Schilling,

Thirdly I bequeath and give to my Daugther Salley Norton Forty pounds to be paid by my Executor hereafter named, out of my estate--

Fourthly, I bequeath, and give to my Son Abraham one Negro boy, named Washington, one horse Saddle & bridle which he is now in in possession, one feather bed & furniture, also two Hundred & ten acres of Land, to be laid off, on the upper part of the Tract, whereon I now Live, --

Fifthly, I bequeath, to my Daughter Patsey, one Negro woman, named Aimy, & her increase, one feather bed & furniture.

Sixthly, I bequeath and give to each of my Grandsons, that is to say, Philip & Edmund Penn, one hundred & fifty acres of Land, on the Lower part of my Tract being a part, and adjoining the Land bequeated to my Son Abraham, --

Sevntly, It is my desire and wish, that the residue of my estate after all my debts are paid, to be equally divided between Wilson Penn, Abraham Penn and Patsey Penn,

Eightly It is my wish, that should my Son Abraham incline to Sell his Land, before my two grandsons arrive to the age of Twenty one years, that my Executors should be authorized to sell their part, or a a time should they deem it advisable to sell, they are hereby requ. . to exercise their discretion and the money to be laid out for other Lands, or put upon Interest until they arrive to full age--

Ninthly, It is my desire and wish that my Executors, Sell and dispose of my part of a Tract of Land lying in the State of Kentucky, which I succeeded by the death of my Brother William for the benefit of my three Children, Viz, Wilson, Abraham and Patsey - ......

..I do hereby constitute and appoint my Loving Son Wilson Penn, and my Nephew George Penn, my Lawfull Executors to this my last Will & Testatment.....19th day of Nov 1802.

Witnesses: Joseph Stovall, Greensville Penn, Salley Penn, Abraham X Gossett, John X Medley, Senr

Philip Penn (Seal)


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