Will of James Taylor of Patrick County, Virginia 1732-1805

Born to Edmond Taylor and Sarah Booking in 1732 in New Kent County, Virginia, James married Elenor Smith in 1737.   He and Eleanor had 8 children including David Taylor who married Nancy Penn (daughter of Phillip Penn and Martha Crutcher) in 1800. 

James' family tree included, President James Madison and President Zachary Taylor.

James died in 1805 and his will was probated in 1807:

Patrick Co., VA-Jan Court 1807:  In name of God, Amen, I James Taylor of Patrick Co and State of Virginia being weak in body yet in my pergfect sences do make Ordain Consititute and appoint this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following to with, I Will my soul to God who gave it trusting through the meritorious mediation of Jesus Christ for the pardon of my sins and salvation of the same and my body to the ground from whence it was taken to be decently buried after and according to the direction of my executors herin after mentioned, fully depending for the resurection fo the same at the last day and as for the rest of my Estate which it hath Pleased Allmighty God to bestow on me, I will it as follows to wit;

Imprimia, I will that all my Just debts that I owe to any manner of person be punctually paid.

Item, I will my whole and sole estate to my dear and well beloved wife during her natural life or so long as she is my surviving widow.

Item  I will that my negro Woman slave named Hannah at my wife's death be amansipated, liberated and set free according to the law in that case made and provided.

Item  I will & bequeath to my son James Taylor after his mothers death the land and plantation wheron I now live to him and his Heirs for ever. I will and give to my son David Taylor after his mothers death his or the first choice of my three negroes named Worrick, Isaac and Jacob to be to him at the appraisement prices and if it amounts to more than his equivalent part of my personal estate to then and in that case my desire is that he should pay to the rest of the legaties or any one or more of them the over plus after with holding his equivelent part as above to be paid back in property valued either by the same appraiser or some other men against the slave that may be his choice, and the said slave to be to him and his Heirs forever.

Item  I will to my son James Taylor the next choice of my said slaves after his mothers death on the same term and in the same manner and under the same restriction as the above Item to my son David Taylor to be to the same James His Heirs for ever.

Item  I will to my daughter Ellenor Adams after her Mothers death the next choice of the three slaves in the same form and manner as to my sons David and James to her the said Elenor and her Heirs forever.

Item  I will that all the rest of my personal estate be sold and equally devided after my beloved wife's decease or in continuance of Widowhood, between my daughters Grizzle Collins, Verlinda Cummings (tho her part to remain in the Possession of the Executors for her surport as she need it and at her decease if any left to go to her lawfull issue), Mary Lockhart and Milly Reynolds together with what may be coming from the three legatees to whom I will my slaves if the valuation of them exceed an equivalent part to each to whom they are willed, and if they do not amount to an equal share of my Personal estate, and Still the slaves to go as before directed to them and their Heirs for ever.

Item, Lastly I appoint my son David Taylor and my son-in-law John Adams my Executors of this my last Will and Testament here after revolking and on annuling all other Wills whatever, I Testamony where of I have here unto set my hand and affixed my Seal this -----Day of ------- in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and five.


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