Walnut Shell Candles

That First Post War Christmas 1865

A Twist of Tobacco

The snow continued to fall thickly as the buckboard carried them home. Ed and Sam unhitched the horses and took them to the barn. Eli and Watt carried Maggie and Henry into the house. Lizzie went straight to the kitchen to warm the spiced apple cider she had made earlier, and Jack carefully lit the tiny walnut candles on the tree. This was the first Christmas Maggie and Henry could remember a tree being lit with shiny ornaments and their eyes were wide with wonder.

Walnut shells have many uses. As tiny beeswax candles or as settings for the Nativity.

The lovely Christmas ornament below was purchased in 1972 on our honeymoon. It is the first tree ornament we bought together. Through the years there have been many other decorations. Some stayed and some went the way of old socks.  Silently into the night--(trash can.)

But this beauty is wrapped and carefully stored every year. Although the star is tattered and the gold trim is flat and worn thin it has an honored place every year on our family Christmas Tree.  

Here are a couple of great tutorials on how to make Walnut Shell Candles and other tiny goodies for your own family memories.


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