Willie Holcomb Wagon Accident Age 9

Truman Alvin Holcomb and Cora Belle Martin Holcomb and sons:
Travis, Willie, Ocie, R.V. and Marvin
Dogs un-named

"This is a very sad part of our Holcomb history. Here is what my dad told me.

By the way, I only saw my father cry twice and the first time was while he was telling me this story. I was about 12 at the time. Then I saw him dabbing his eyes, 15 years later when he took Anna and I to Fairview Cemetery to see Willie's grave. That day he pointed to where it was, but couldn't go in himself. He stood outside the little fence and dabbed his eyes with a handkerchief.

Grandpa Holcomb was going to town (I believe to Savoy). He wanted my dad to go with him so he could help him load the supplies he was going to buy. He was going in a wagon that was pulled by his mule. Dad was 13. Willie wanted to go and I guess it was all right with Grandpa, but Dad did not want him to go because he knew Willie would be his responsibility, and he was going to be busy helping his dad.

So Dad told Willie he needed to stay home, but he told Willie, they would buy a 50 pound block of ice (No electricity then) and when they got home, they would make ice water. Seems simple now, but it was a big treat then.

So Willie stayed home, Ocie was 11 at the time and Travis was six. I can't remember if Travis was playing with them of not, but Ocie and Willie, I believe were taking turns pushing each other downhill in an old iron wheeled wagon. Somehow, Willie fell out of the wagon and one of the wheels crushed his head.

Grandmother came and carried his body up the hill. When Grandpa and Dad came home, Willie's body was lying on the bed. I don't remember if he told me any more, but I have always thought this burdened my dad for the rest of his life. I know he always gelt Willie would have lived, if he had just taken him with him that day. My dad lived a very hard life. I have always thought he was punishing himself because of Willie."
Written May 1, 2015, by Harold Holcomb, son of R. V. Holcomb

Willie's burial left to right: R.V, Ocie, Truman, Travis, Cora and Marvin


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